Three arrested in Palermo for several thefts and robberies: accused of a dozen offenses.

The mobile squad agents and carabinieri of Piazza Marina have executed three precautionary custody orders against three Palermitans who have committed a dozen robberies and thefts. The provision was issued by the Palermo judge against A.A, 33 years old; L.E., 35 years old and A.C., 39 years old. The robberies and thefts were committed between July and September of this year in the Sicilian capital. In one occasion, two robbers entered the victim’s car and physically assaulted her to snatch her necklace and cellphone. Thanks to the surveillance camera footage, the agents and carabinieri were able to identify the robbers.

Rapine e furti a Palermo, tre arrestati: sono accusati di una decina di colpi

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