This year Palermo faced six painful defeats at home, Barbera stadium once again a tough ground.

Explain me briefly the following article: A negative record that had been held for 27 years was broken on Friday night with the defeat against Venezia. The loss against the lagunari was the sixth home game that Palermo has lost this season, the worst performance in Serie B in the new millennium. This season, the teams that came to “sack” the Barbera were Empoli, Lecce, Cosenza, Padova, Foggia, Cesena, and Bari. After that disastrous season, Palermo never performed so poorly in home games, except for the 2016/17 season which resulted in another relegation. The numbers at the Barbera this season are without a doubt “horror”, but fortunately it will not end like the previous occasions. The Palermo’s points average at home is 1.67, slightly higher than their away record of 1.60. Despite the negative balance, the season is not over yet and there are four home games left against tough opponents. The defeat against Venezia has worsened the already open wound of poor performance at home. In the two seasons of promotion to Serie A, Palermo had only lost two or three home games, showing that successful seasons are built at home. This aspect has been lacking in a fluctuating season, but with eight games left to determine the final playoff placement, the home factor will be crucial for Palermo to find again.

Quest’anno per il Palermo sei sconfitte e tutte dolorosissime: il Barbera è tornato terra di conquista

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