Thieves steal air conditioner units from Turrisi Colonna school in Palermo

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Once again, thieves target a school in Palermo. This time the criminals struck at the Turrisi Colonna institute in Piazza Gran Cancelliere, in the historic center, and stole the external units of the air conditioners. Four units in total were taken, with a total value of about a thousand euros.

The perpetrators first cut off the power, then cut the cables and carried out the theft. When the school alarm was raised, the carabinieri arrived on the scene, conducted investigations, and started the search for the culprits. The security cameras were not functioning.

This is not the first time the institute has been targeted by thieves, but in another case, the theft attempt failed: a man was caught in the school premises and was arrested in the act. After breaking the glass of a basement entrance door, he entered the building and damaged the beverage vending machine in an attempt to steal the money inside. He tried to escape at the sight of the carabinieri, but it was futile.

In May, a similar theft was carried out at the Department of Biomedicine, Neurosciences, and Advanced Diagnostics of the university, on Corso Tukory. In this case as well, the external units of the air conditioners were stolen. “To recover old iron and some copper wires inside the machines – said Giuseppe Ferraro, director of the department, with bitterness – they destroyed research that had been ongoing for over ten years. It was a severe blow for us. An incalculable loss”.

Palermo, ladri alla scuola Turrisi Colonna: rubate le unità esterne dei condizionatori

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