They had heroin and methadone: two arrested in Castellana Sicula upon arrival by bus from Palermo.

The Carabinieri of the Petralia Sottana company have arrested a 33-year-old and a 24-year-old from Castellana Sicula for drug trafficking and reported a third person for personal favoritism. The two were noticed by the military in Castellana Sicula, just after getting off a bus from Palermo. When they saw the Carabinieri, they tried to escape through the side streets of the town. The military caught them near the municipal villa; the 33-year-old had eight doses of heroin hidden in his underwear ready for sale, and the 24-year-old had three unlabelled vials of methadone. Another individual was also caught helping the 33-year-old escape and was reported. The two drug dealers were taken to Termini Imerese prison.