Theft during Easter holidays at Caruano school: monitors and equipment stolen

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New raid at the Caruano comprehensive institute in Vittoria, where thieves struck during the Easter holidays. School staff found the windows forced and all the classrooms ransacked. Three monitors, computer equipment, and stationery were stolen, but the value of the loot is still being calculated. When the alarm was raised at the school on via Filippo Morgante, the carabinieri arrived on the scene to carry out investigations in order to identify the culprits.

The footage from the surveillance cameras is being analyzed: important details could emerge from the videos to track down the perpetrators of the theft. “It is unacceptable that our students and their families have to face such situations – declares Alfredo Vinciguerra, the leader of Brothers of Italy in Vittoria. We strongly urge the municipal administration to intervene urgently to ensure the safety of the school and the entire neighborhood.”

“The theft has caused serious damage, depriving valuable resources intended for education and student welfare. Brothers of Italy deems it unacceptable for similar incidents to recur and asks the Municipality to take concrete measures to prevent such episodes and safeguard the right to education. We stand by the school community and the families affected by this unfortunate event,” he concludes.

Vittoria, furto durante le vacanze di Pasqua alla scuola Caruano: rubati monitor e attrezzature

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