Theft at Manzoni comprehensive institute in Ravanusa: Vending machine cash stolen

Another raid in a school in the province of Agrigento. First, it happened at the Archimede scientific high school in Menfi, then at the Vittorini department of the Alessandro Manzoni comprehensive institute in Ravanusa. Once again, someone broke into the school on Buozzi street with the intention of stealing money from the vending machines for drinks and snacks. The machines were both damaged and emptied. The deputy principal of the Manzoni comprehensive institute noticed the damage and theft and reported it to the Ravanusa Carabinieri station. The extent of the damage has not been quantified yet, but it could be around a few hundred euros because all the money drawers were emptied. The military, who have launched an investigation, went to the school and carried out all the necessary inspections to try to find useful clues for the investigation. According to an initial reconstruction, the institute does not have any surveillance systems. In Menfi, the vending machine for drinks and snacks had also been damaged and looted in recent days. The loot in that case was about two hundred euros.

Ravanusa, raid all’istituto comprensivo Manzoni: rubato l’incasso dei distributori automatici

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