The vote in the province of Ragusa, Maria Monisteri the first female mayor of Modica: all the elected officials

Four mayors were elected in the province of Ragusa. Peppe Cassì will lead the capital for another five years after winning with over 62% in the local elections on Sunday and Monday, while the center-left candidate Riccardo Schininà stopped at 19.47%. In the other towns, administrative lawyer Gianfranco Fidone is the new mayor of Acate with 38% of the votes. Maria Rita Schembari surpassed 70% in Comiso, securing her second mayoral term, while her opponent Salvatore Liuzzo obtained 25.90% of the votes. Maria Monisteri became Modica’s first female mayor with 68.48% of the votes, while Ivana Castello received 24%.

Il voto in provincia di Ragusa, Maria Monisteri prima donna sindaco di Modica: tutti gli eletti

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