The Sicilian Region announces: “Next week, the seventh tank at Bellolampo”

The regional energy and waste assessor, Roberto Di Mauro, stated that they cannot continue to attack the Bellolampo territory where the seventh basin will be inaugurated next week. He emphasized that the idea of expanding landfill sites in this area must be minimized. The “Consorzio Agoraa-Cospin” has completed the first phase of the project, with testing currently in progress. The remaining work for the seventh basin is also ongoing. Di Mauro expressed concern about the lack of landfill sites in eastern Sicily, forcing waste to be exported at high prices, despite regional support, which puts a strain on mayors. However, he proposed a different approach, suggesting the implementation of two waste-to-energy plants in densely populated areas like Palermo and Catania. He received the approval of 17 out of 18 waste management service regulation companies, except for one.

La Regione Siciliana annuncia: «La settimana prossima la settima vasca a Bellolampo»

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