The renovation works for the South Coast of Marsala have begun.

The regional councilor for Infrastructure and Mobility, Alessandro Aricò, inaugurated the construction site of the “Waterfront 1” project in Marsala, along with Mayor Massimo Grillo. The project aims to clean up and redevelop the first stretch of the waterfront south of the city, from the historic Florio wine cellars to the Rallo cellars. The mayor described the project as important for improving the safety and functionality of this busy area. They also mentioned additional projects in the pipeline, funded by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, to revitalize the entire coastal area and create a major tourist hub. The “Waterfront 1” will receive a regional funding of 1.2 million euros, while the “Waterfront 2” has a funding of 2.9 million euros from the Ministry of Infrastructure, with the municipality contributing one million euros. The total area to be redeveloped is 24,000 square meters. Aricò emphasized that this project is crucial for Marsala as they aim to restore its status as one of the main gateways to Sicily.