The people’s pastor: the streets of Palermo were his parish.

On September 15th, 1993, Father Pino Puglisi was killed on his 56th birthday by the mafia of Brancaccio. He was beatified on May 25th, 2013. Father Pino dedicated his life to meeting and helping people, particularly the youth, in their struggle to live. He was a strict and rigorous religious figure, immersed in the difficult reality of his neighborhood. He worked in various parishes and schools, providing spiritual guidance and assistance to volunteers and young people. In 1990, he became the parish priest of San Gaetano in Brancaccio. He believed that Jesus’ message of peace and justice should be spread beyond the walls of the church, even in mafia-controlled areas. He sought to build a better life for the people of Brancaccio, away from fear and extortion. He helped organize the residents of a building to improve their living conditions and spoke out against intimidation. Despite receiving threats, Father Puglisi continued his work until he was assassinated. The mafia saw him as a threat due to his involvement with the community and his ability to shape consciences. He believed that if everyone did their part, much could be accomplished.

3P, il parroco della gente: le strade di Palermo erano la sua parrocchia

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