The Palermo Pride takes over the city: fifteen thousand people march against gender violence

Almost fifteen thousand people parade through a colorful and lively Via Roma in Palermo, to the rhythm of beloved songs from Lady Gaga to Annalisa, passing through Ricchi e Poveri and techno notes, the Palermo Pride takes over the city. Eleven floats led this edition, which included a variety of struggles and rights: from work to sexual identity, disability, peace, and the planet; the Pride becomes a container of battles and a protective wing for all minorities with the goal of transforming privileges into rights.

“The parade is the most beautiful moment,” says Daniela Tomasino, coordinator of the Palermo Pride, “it’s the moment when we take to the streets with our anger but also with the desire to build something new, to build relationships and beauty. At this moment Palermo is a fairly inclusive city, but it’s all of Italy that is taking steps backward.” Costumes and colors invade the streets, while smiles and makeup adorn the faces of the thousands of young people who express without fear who they are. Like Martina Sanfratello, who is participating in a Pride for the first time: “I have always wanted to be here,” she tells us, “but for one reason or another I have never managed to. I am here because I want to show that I am proud of who I am and I am not ashamed of anything.” “We are fighting for the rights of everyone,” emphasizes Giammarco Spinnato as he hugs his boyfriend. “We need to change our mentality,” he continues, “we need to pay more attention to the issues of homophobia and racism, here we fight for everyone.” And among the crowd, there are classic signs: “How can I not love women if Sabrina Ferilli exists” asks a girl, while rainbow flags envelop her.

The party continues, but not before the farewell of Mayor Roberto Lagalla, who embraces the present young people and strongly emphasizes “a right and due path for a public administration – he says – that is, giving space to all identities, sensitivities and vocations that are part of the community. Long live the Pride as well as every party that highlights the freedom and rights of every person.”

Il Palermo Pride si prende la città: quindicimila persone sfilano contro la violenza di genere

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