The massacre in the Altavilla villa: The mysterious role of the girl

There are too many unclear points in the massacre of Altavilla Milicia that need to be clarified, starting from the role played by Giovanni Barreca’s daughter who may be questioned before Easter. Her statements could lead to a breakthrough revealing other details about the murder of her mother Antonella Salamone and her brothers Kevin and Emanuel, aged 16 and 5. The seventeen-year-old has provided different versions of what happened in the house of horror: at first she said she was a spectator, then she corrected herself admitting to participating in the violence and confessing to helping bury the charred remains of her mother Antonella Salamone in the garden and inflicting on her older brother by jumping on his stomach. Sabrina Fina and Massimo Carandente have accused her and her father of being the perpetrators of the crimes and for preventing them from calling 112 for help. However, the investigations could take a specific direction based on what the girl will tell and on the checks on her electronic devices. By a precise choice of the investigators, she will be heard only after the verification of messages, chats, and movements recorded in the cloud to understand to what extent she told the truth.

The complete article by Fabio Geraci is available in the Giornale di Sicilia today.

La carneficina nella villetta di Altavilla, i punti oscuri sul ruolo svolto dalla ragazza

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