The Liberty and the Golden Age of Palermo, an exhibit at Palazzo Sant’Elia

“Palermo Liberty – The Golden Age” is an exhibition that celebrates the golden age of Palermo, during which designers, painters, sculptors, craftsmen, and businesses worked together to create a modern city suitable for the needs of the bourgeoisie. Under the leadership of Ernesto Basile, a cultural movement emerged in Palermo that embraced the Art Nouveau style and contributed to the city’s development. The exhibition aims to shine a light on this heritage and features video installations and educational workshops. It is supported by various institutions and runs from December 16, 2023, to May 30, 2024, at Palazzo Sant’Elia in Palermo. Ticket prices range from 13 € for adults to free admission for children under 5 years old.

Il Liberty e l’età dell’oro di Palermo, una mostra a palazzo Sant’Elia

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