The Giornale di Sicilia Cdr stands by Rai

The Editorial Committee of the Giornale di Sicilia stands by the Rai colleagues, “engaged in a difficult trade union battle to defend the freedom of information, the autonomy of journalists, against censorship and in favor of an independence unfortunately never achieved by the public service.” Tomorrow (Monday, May 6th) colleagues from Italian Radiotelevision channels will carry out the first of a series of strike days. The mobilization, organized by Usigrai, “speaks to the conscience of the country and raises delicate issues of democracy and constitutional civility burdening exclusively the pockets of Rai journalists. For this reason, it is necessary not only to show solidarity, but to actively provide all the necessary support so that the reasons expressed by the Rai colleagues find acceptance and respect from the management of the company which are the expression of the current government.” (AGI)

Il Cdr del Giornale di Sicilia è al fianco della Rai

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