The Cala of Palermo: From Ancient Port to Modern Nightlife Center

History and Origins of the Cala

The Cala is a sea arch located between via Francesco Crispi and Foro Italico, corresponding to the oldest port of Palermo.
This natural inlet was first used by the Phoenicians and has always attracted the interest of Palermo’s urban planners over the centuries. Today, the Cala presents itself as a tourist marina in the shape of a “U” within the historic center.

The Castello a Mare

The Castello a Mare, located in the Castellammare Archaeological Park, near the Cala, was the most important defensive bulwark of the port of Palermo until the 20th century. Today, the Castello a Mare is a chic high-end dining venue and a place for events and concerts, as well as an extremely important archaeological park.

The Loggiato di San Bartolomeo

The Loggiato di San Bartolomeo is what remains of a seventeenth-century hospital overlooking the Foro Italico of the city of Palermo, to the left of Porta Felice. After the restoration works, the Loggiato was used to host exhibitions and events. Behind the Loggiato, you can admire one of the jewels of the Gothic-Catalan architecture in Palermo, the church of Santa Maria della Catena.

The Cala Today

Today, the Cala is an elegant sea arch lined with modern and stylish pubs. The small port of Palermo, renovated in style and functionality, is a walkway on the sea, from which you can admire breathtaking romantic sunsets and spend pleasant evenings with friends, in the picturesque setting of luxurious sailboats just a stone’s throw from Piazza Marina.

The Redevelopment of the Cala

The Cala has undergone a redevelopment process that has led to the creation of a new waterfront. The Port Regulatory Plan provides for a redevelopment project for the Cala, reconnecting spaces and enhancing its role as a tourist port.
Spaces for urgent minor shipbuilding, buildings for yacht clubs, sports association headquarters, and a nautical center for the disabled are planned, as well as tourist, commercial, accommodation, and catering services.

Where is it located?

The Cala di Palermo is located in the heart of the city, between the streets Francesco Crispi and Foro Umberto I. It is an ancient natural cove that once was the main port of Palermo.
This area has become a pleasant marina in the historic center of Palermo, surrounded by modern pubs and restaurants. It also offers picturesque views of the sea and luxurious sailing boats, and is a popular place to spend pleasant evenings.


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