The Best Arancini Ever from Oscar 1965

The arancine from the pastry shop Oscar 1965 are a certainty for the people of Palermo who love uncompromising quality, because in Palermo arancine are a serious matter. The word “arancina” is specifically feminine, which has caused some debate, but the Academy of the Crusca supports the use of the feminine form. The pasticceria Oscar 1965 is known for its high-quality arancine, with recipes that have been passed down through the years. They offer a few variations, all made with high-quality ingredients, including “a carne” with meat, and a sweet version with chocolate filling. The arancine are recognizable by their golden, breadcrumb-coated appearance and perfect balance of softness and crunchiness. The owner emphasizes the importance of maintaining the traditional recipes and using only the best ingredients. They are known to be addictive and are described as an extraordinary delicacy.

Le arancine più buone di sempre da Oscar 1965

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