The anti-mafia raid in Trapani, Mariano Minore’s role, and his desire for revenge.

The content describes the operation “Scialandro”, carried out by the Dia, Mobile Squad, and Carabinieri, which resulted in several individuals being placed under house arrest. One of those individuals is Mariano Minore, a 71-year-old man and son of Calogero. Mariano is the nephew of Totò, a Trapani boss who was killed by the Corleonesi in 1982. The content states that Mariano Minore is accused of being part of the Trapani mafia family and maintaining communication with associates from other areas. He is also accused of involvement in acquiring economic activities, real estate, and controlling the territory.

The fall from grace of the Minore family has forced Mariano to remain in the background, waiting for an opportunity to regain his historical role within the Trapani mafia. In a recorded conversation, Mariano expresses his desire to wait for the downfall of the current leaders before making a move. Mariano’s opportunity arises with the arrest of the Virga brothers and the return of Bonanno to Trapani. Investigators have evidence of numerous contacts between Minore and Bonanno, with one conversation revealing Minore’s frustration with Bonanno’s constant pursuit of money.

The content also mentions the connections between Minore and Giuseppe Maltese, a member of the Valderice mafia family. The two discuss the management of mafia extortions and criticize the decision to tolerate small-scale extortions that carry a higher risk of victim complaints. The content highlights the need for a unified payment system and control over suppliers and sub-contractors.

Il blitz antimafia a Trapani, il ruolo di Mariano Minore e la sua voglia di rivalsa

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