The Altavilla massacre: the mystery of Antonella’s cup pieces found in the garden

The daughter of Giovanni Barreca, the only survivor of the massacre in Altavilla Milicia, could be questioned before Easter to better explain the role she played in the murder of her mother Antonella Salamone and her brothers Kevin and Emanuel, aged 16 and 5. From being initially seen as a miraculously surviving victim of the massacre, the position of the seventeen-year-old – who is currently held in a female prison outside of Sicily – has become increasingly complicated.

Yesterday (March 14), at lunchtime, the juvenile prosecutor, Claudia Caramanna, along with the Carabinieri of the Bagheria company, carried out an inspection at the villa where a month ago the father and the two “brothers of God”, Sabrina Fina and Massimo Carandente, staged the brutal ritual to rid the family of the alleged presence of the devil. The visit did not uncover new evidence for the investigation, rather it sought to confirm the statements made to the magistrates and the initial findings already in the hands of the investigators. For about an hour, the rooms on the first floor where the murders took place, and the garden, where Barreca buried his wife after killing and burning her, were thoroughly searched, as well as other areas of the property where the Messina RIS discovered materials – such as pieces of cups and objects belonging to Antonella – that may have been thrown away and destroyed by the perpetrators of the carnage because they were believed to be possessed by the devil.

Translated from Italian, the complete article by Fabio Geraci in the Giornale di Sicilia is available in print.

La strage di Altavilla, il mistero dei pezzi delle tazzine di Antonella trovati in giardino

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