Terrasini bids farewell to Benedetto Giambona, the archaeologist and writer who loved painting

Benedetto Giambona, a highly respected archaeologist and writer, has passed away in Terrasini at the age of 82. Known for his dedication to research and his love for painting, he was a well-known figure in the town just outside of Palermo. The mayor, Giosuè Maniaci, paid tribute to him for his work as an archaeologist, writer, painter, and poet. Giambona’s research on Terrasini and the surrounding area has been widely acclaimed, with some of his books, such as “Heirktai and the Roman camps of Monte Palmeto” and “Terrasini and Cinisi from prehistory to the Muslims,” being held in prestigious universities around the world. He was also remembered fondly by professor Salvo Vitale, who highlighted Giambona’s important contributions to his own book “Mulinazzo.” Giambona’s latest research on the history of Muslims in Cinisi, incorporating archaeological and historical evidence dating back to Punic and Roman times, may unfortunately remain unpublished. The article concludes with a heartfelt farewell from Vitale to his friend Giambona.

Terrasini: addio a Benedetto Giambona, l’archeologo e scrittore che amava la pittura

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