Terna invests 18 million euros in the electrical network in Messina province

Following the start, by the regional energy and public utility department, of the authorization process for the rationalization intervention of the 150 Kv electrical network in the province of Messina, Terna publishes the notice with the plots of the areas potentially affected by the new works. The project, for which the company led by Giuseppina Di Foggia will invest around 18 million euros, will reduce the impact on the territory of the electrical infrastructure and improve the reliability, safety, and efficiency of the local electrical service. The intervention involves a comprehensive plan for restructuring and modernizing the 150 Kv network in the Valle del Mela area. The work plan includes various extraordinary maintenance interventions on existing power lines and the construction of 13 km of new connections and short links, over a third of which will be underground, in the municipalities of Rometta, Saponara, Villafranca Tirrena, and Messina. The project, associated with the construction of the 380 Kv power line “Sorgente-Rizziconi,” follows the commitments made with the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Sicilian Region and the municipalities involved in the territory. Thanks to these interventions, it will be possible to demolish about 60 km of high voltage power lines and 180 supports, affecting the municipalities of Messina, Rometta, Saponara, Villafranca Tirrena, Spadafora, Venetico, Valdina, Torregrotta, Roccavaldina, Monforte San Giorgio, San Pier Niceto, Condrò, Gualtieri Sicaminò, Pace del Mela, Santa Lucia del Mela, and San Filippo del Mela. Approximately 180 hectares of land will be released. Citizens, and especially the owners of the plots affected by the new works, will be able to view the project documentation at the regional energy department offices in the municipalities of Messina, Rometta, Saponara, and Villafranca Tirrena. Within 30 days of the publication of the notice, it will also be possible to submit any written observations to the department, informing Terna as well.

Terna, investimento da 18 milioni per la rete elettrica in provincia di Messina

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