Ten Daspo issued to Siracusa fans after disturbances at match with Licata

The Police Chief of Agrigento, Tommaso Palumbo, issued ten Daspo (stadium bans) against ten fans of Siracusa, who were responsible for disorder during a football match against Licata on March 10, 2024, at the Saraceno stadium in Ravanusa, valid for the Serie D football championship, group I. The administrative measures, carried out by the Anti-Crime Division, resulted from the investigative activity conducted by the Licata police station, which, thanks to video and photographic evidence taken by the forensic police officers, identified ten individuals, all reported to the judicial authority, who were responsible for dangerous behavior.

In particular, four fans were found guilty of possessing blunt objects intended to harm during sporting events, as they were seen outside the stadium wielding baseball bats and sticks; five other fans, in addition to carrying objects intended to harm, were found guilty of concealing their faces; the last individual targeted by the Daspo engaged in conduct aimed at actively participating in violent episodes that disrupted public order, challenging the authorities and inciting other ultras to protest.

Among the recipients of the Daspo is also a minor. They all received a ban from attending football events as well as all other events organized by the Italian National Olympic Committee for a minimum of two years and a maximum of four. For one repeat offender, in addition to the ban on attending sports events, they were also required to report to the judicial police during all Siracusa matches for the next six years; this requirement was validated by the judge at the Agrigento court.

Dieci Daspo per i tifosi del Siracusa dopo i disordini durante la partita con il Licata

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