“Tell me, the night seems to know”, five stories of women at the Fontarò theater in Palermo.

The article talks about a theatrical performance called “Di me la notte sembra sapere” which tells the stories of five women who have experienced discrimination, confinement, and oblivion. The show, directed by Enrico Stassi and starring Maria Teresa Coraci and Elena Pistillo, will be staged at the Teatro Fontarò in Palermo. The performance explores the struggles of these women, each with a unique story, in a journey through the female universe. The director emphasizes the importance of addressing the theme of gender discrimination and the ongoing relevance of advocating for women’s rights. The article also mentions the different characters portrayed in the play, such as Rosa, Lucia Joyce, Clitennestra, Dorina, and Camille Claudel. Through a dream-like narrative, the show aims to give voice and recognition to these women’s experiences.

«Di me la notte sembra sapere», cinque storie di donne al teatro Fontarò di Palermo

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