Teachers and students protest in Palermo against trash cans in front of Parlatore school.

Students and teachers at the Filippo Parlatore Technical State Institute in Palermo are concerned about the improper placement of garbage bins for restaurant waste near the school. This poses a serious health risk, especially as garbage collection has been delayed and often coincides with students’ arrival. They have requested that the waste management company, Rap, remove the bins to prevent this unhygienic situation. The teachers will be reaching out to the mayor, the president of Rap, and the president of the city council to address this issue and suggest a change in regulations regarding bin placement near schools. The president of the fifth district, Andrea Aiello, has offered his support and willingness to arrange site visits with Rap technicians to find a solution.

Palermo, cassonetti davanti alla scuola Parlatore: protesta di insegnanti e studenti

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