Teacher in Alcamo diagnosed with meningitis, concern rises: contact tracing initiated

An elementary school teacher has been diagnosed with meningitis and there is concern for parents and students of the Montessori and Savio schools. The local health authority and school administration have contacted all individuals, particularly children, who have been in contact with the teacher in recent days.

The school principal of the Maria Montessori comprehensive institute in Alcamo explained, in a note sent to all families of the young students and staff, that no disinfection of the school buildings where the teacher taught is necessary as she had been diagnosed with meningitis.

The Montessori school administration has still alerted students, teaching staff, and support staff who had prolonged contact with the teacher from May 28th to June 4th, when she was diagnosed with meningitis last Saturday.

The principal also urged those contacts to seek medical attention, particularly for the necessary prescription for pharmacological treatment. Additionally, individuals with closer contact to the teacher, after completing antibiotic prophylaxis, have been encouraged to receive the meningococcal vaccine at designated vaccination centers.

Insegnante colpita da meningite, preoccupazione ad Alcamo: controlli per i contatti

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