Subcontracting for those tasks: the tragic fate of the company in Partinico

The article explains how the company “Quadrifoglio Group” from Partinico, Italy, was involved in a subcontracting arrangement for urgent interventions on the sewer networks in Casteldaccia. The company had not won the initial contract but had obtained it through a subcontract from another company. The article raises concerns about the practices leading up to the tragedy that occurred in Casteldaccia, where the Quadrifoglio Group was seized by the authorities following the incident. The article also discusses the bidding process for maintenance contracts for coastal areas, highlighting discrepancies in the offers made by Quadrifoglio Group in different lots. The investigation will further explore the subcontracting arrangements and ensure compliance with regulations.

Un subappalto per fare quei lavori: il tragico destino della società di Partinico

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