Stulac faces unexpected setback and director’s struggle in two-faced season

In the tactical chaos of the game against Catanzaro, Stulac’s header brought Palermo back into the game, but it wasn’t enough to grab the draw. It was his third goal in the league, despite not being a natural goal scorer. His recent performances were not great due to changing tactics and a decline in form. However, he responded by raising his level in terms of scoring goals. His goals have shown his technical skill and after a season plagued by injury, he has finally found continuity. His ability to score with both feet makes him a threat to opponents, and his performance against Catanzaro has put him in contention for a starting spot in the next game. However, there are uncertainties about his role in the team, and he needs stability to perform at his best.

Bomber inatteso e regista in difficoltà, è una stagione dai due volti per Stulac

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