Strong winds damage Trapani airport, Birgi, but operations continue

The strong wind that hit Sicily in the past hours caused several damages to Trapani airport. A tornado struck last night in the province of Trapani. Gusts exceeding 150 km/h tore off some sheet metal roofs, vertical signs, damaged vehicles, roofs, and trees. The photos of the damage were released by Airgest, the company that manages the Sicilian airport. “Airgest maintenance workers have been working for hours to ensure the regular conduct of flight operations,” the company says. Thanks to the collaboration of firefighters and police, alternative routes are being created to ensure departing flights from this morning. Therefore, passengers are invited to go to the terminal well in advance to compensate for any delays due to the damage suffered by the airport and to follow the alternative routes to enter and exit the terminal, defined to ensure safe access to the structure. The Vincenzo Florio management company apologizes in advance to passengers for any inconvenience and promises to minimize it as much as possible.” In the past hours, Salvatore Ombra, Airgest president, stated that “flights arriving and departing from our airport are regular. The wind had already calmed down at first light, and we are now assessing the damage, intervening with our staff to ensure safety. Currently, the two pedestrian entrances to the airport remain closed for safety, and access to the terminal is through a side security entrance.”

Il vento sferza Trapani: diversi danni all’aeroporto Birgi, lo scalo rimane operativo

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