Street party in Mondello for Tamajo, the most voted candidate in the European elections in the Islands constituency.

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The closed road, the stage, music and thousands of people. Electoral celebration in Mondello in grand style for Edy Tamajo, regional councilor for Productive Activities and top preferences in Sicily in the European elections with his 121,452 votes. Yesterday (June 10) Tamajo thanked those who chose him: “An extraordinary result, the result of a shared commitment,” he wrote in a post on social media inviting voters.

“I want to sincerely thank all the citizens who chose to support me in this election cycle,” he said. “This extraordinary result is not just a personal victory, but represents the recognition of teamwork and shared commitment for the good of our region. I am honored and deeply grateful for the trust you have placed in me.”

The councilor, inviting everyone in front of the former Mondello factory, emphasized the importance of this result: “This success motivates us to work even harder, with greater determination and passion, to promote the economic and productive development of our land. Your support is our driving force, and together we can achieve ever more ambitious goals.”

Festa in strada a Mondello per Tamajo, il più votato alle Europee nella circoscrizione Isole

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