Straw racket and attempted murder in Gela: three arrests and two other precautionary measures

Five individuals in Gela, Italy, have been targeted by police for their involvement in a straw racketeering operation. Two of them have been placed in custody, one under house arrest, and two are required to report to the police. They are being investigated for charges including attempted premeditated murder, illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, attempted extortion, aggravated theft, receiving stolen goods, and arson. The suspects allegedly controlled the straw collection business in the Borgo Manfria and Mangiova areas, and were involved in acts of intimidation to prevent a farm worker from working in the region. The investigation led to the arrest of the mastermind and one of the individuals involved in the attempted murder, as well as those responsible for a series of extortions. During the investigation, a cache of ammunition was also discovered.

Racket della paglia e tentato omicidio a Gela: tre arresti e altre due misure cautelari

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