“Stop racketeering, don’t pay”: Addiopizzo campaign in Palermo’s mafia territory.

Addiopizzo will organize a week of events and activities in the mafia district of Pagliarelli in Palermo from December 12 to 17. The initiative aims to raise awareness and provide support to businesses and citizens affected by the extortion racket, especially during the holiday season. The organization seeks to expand the anti-racket consumption network, offer support to those still affected by extortion, and promote responsible consumer practices. Addiopizzo also calls on businesses to collaborate and encourages citizens to support those who have the courage to report extortion. The goal is to continue the fight against extortion in the Pagliarelli area and extend the impact of the anti-racket movement.

«No al racket, non pagate»: campagna di Addiopizzo in corso Calatafimi e in altre zone del mandamento mafioso palermitano di Pagliarelli

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