Stolen cars in Palermo used for thefts and then burned: vehicles used for the crime by Giglio Piccolo

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Stolen cars, used for a theft or a break-in and then set on fire. Two cases have occurred in Palermo in the last few hours. One car was set on fire last night in via delle Conciliazione. The fire brigade intervened and extinguished the fire. The car, an Alfa Romeo Giulietta stolen days ago, was damaged by the fire. Police officers are also investigating the case.

Two other cars were found in via San Nicola allo Zen. They are an Alfa Giulietta and a Fiat 500 X, both stolen and used last night for the break-in at Giglio Piccolo, in the center of Palermo. In this case too, law enforcement agencies are investigating.

Palermo, auto rubate per compiere furti e poi bruciate: ecco le vetture usate per il colpo da Giglio Piccolo

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