Soleri and Mancuso dry, Palermo without goal…support

Explain to me the following article:

The article describes the struggles of the Palermo soccer team in Serie B, particularly in terms of goal-scoring from their substitute attackers. Despite some previous successes, both Mancuso and Soleri have been struggling to find the net in recent games. The article highlights past goal-scoring efforts by both players, emphasizing the need for more consistent contributions from the bench.

The team is looking for increased scoring production from its backup attackers, as they aim to improve their position in the standings and potentially secure a spot in the playoffs. Coach Corini may consider tactical changes, including a possible switch to a two-striker formation, to maximize the team’s attacking options and increase competition for playing time among the forwards.

Overall, the article underscores the importance of Mancuso and Soleri finding their form and contributing more goals in the final stretch of the season. The team is counting on their input to boost their chances of success and secure a strong position in the playoffs.

Soleri e Mancuso all’asciutto, il Palermo senza gol di… scorta

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