Sogno e resilienza: Cefalù award-winning ‘Nesciri,’ Ivan D’Ignoti’s documentary

At the Cefalù Film Festival, Sicilian director Ivan D’Ignoti’s first documentary “Nesciri” received an Honorable Mention and Best Trailer award. After winning two important national prizes during a tour throughout Italy, the documentary returns to Sicily where it was filmed. “Nesciri” explores the lives of minors, specifically focusing on Nikola, an Italian-Serbian teenager dealing with drug addiction and dealing. Many schools have requested screenings accompanied by appearances from the director and author Nicola Soldani due to the film’s strong message of resilience. D’Ignoti explains that every child’s first right should be the ability to dream, which requires serenity, protection, and guidance. He also highlights the importance of lesser known but significant institutions like youth communities that help those without families. At the Cefalù Film Festival, D’Ignoti was awarded by the General of the Finance Guard, who encouraged investment in the minds of Sicilians who are often forced to move to Milan for personal success.

Sogno e resilienza: a Cefalù premiato «Nesciri», documentario di Ivan D’Ignoti

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