Smoke and flames: fear at a retirement home in Aci Sant’Antonio, carabinieri prevent the worst

The smoke and flames were clearly visible from the street, but no one had noticed yet. The Carabinieri prevented a major disaster at a nursing home in Aci Sant’Antonio, where a fire was stopped just in time. The soldiers were passing by in Via Marchese di Casalotto and noticed the large column of smoke rising from the structure that houses around fifty elderly people. They then jumped over the garden fence and identified the location where the fire started, immediately alerting the fire department. The flames had started in the room housing the centralized boiler and had already spread within a few minutes, putting other rooms and people at risk. The firefighters from the Acireale detachment arrived on the scene and extinguished the fire, initiating operations to secure the area.

There were moments of fear a few months ago for the guests of a nursing home in Palermo as well: following a fire at a bar on Viale Regione Siciliana, it was necessary to evacuate the guests on the first floor of the facility. The smoke reached the street, alarming residents in the area and the staff of the nursing home who quickly secured the elderly, waiting for the alarm to subside. In that case as well, firefighters managed to contain the fire to the kitchen where the flames were ignited, preventing the fire from spreading.

Il fumo e le fiamme: paura in una casa di riposo ad Aci Sant’Antonio, i carabinieri evitano il peggio

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