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On December 13th in Palermo is a special day. The day of Santa Lucia is a day of celebration in this city, and the celebration is all about flavors and…arancine. The mere thought of sizzling and succulent arancine pops into the minds of Palermo residents several days in advance. In the city, there is a place that has made arancine its forte: Sfrigola. With its shops scattered throughout the city, in Montelepre, Cefalù, San Vito Lo Capo, and even in Bucarest, arancine are transformed into culinary art. On the day of Santa Lucia, this place becomes the undisputed realm of anyone looking for a feast for the palate. The tradition of eating arancine in Palermo on the day of Santa Lucia is now a true institution and arancine are a masterpiece of street food. With their golden, crunchy shell and their enveloping, flavorful filling, they know how to make you dive into the Sicilian culinary paradise! Sfrigola is not just a place to eat arancine, but a true gastronomic experience. Here, arancine are prepared in full view, and as true lovers of Sicilian cuisine, Sfrigola creates arancine ranging from the classic ragù to unique gourmet options. And what about the variety? Whether you are a fan of grandma’s ragù or a culinary adventurer looking for new flavors, there is always an arancine waiting for you. From the classic to the experimental, Sfrigola’s arancine are ready to satisfy all tastes. And the best part? They are made with fresh and genuine ingredients, offering an explosion of flavors that transports you directly to Sicily. These treasure troves of goodness are just waiting to be savored, but the choice is difficult. They range from the classic arancine with meat and butter to those with spinach, beloved by vegetarians, from the arancine with sausage to the Montagnola with speck, walnuts, and mozzarella, from the four cheese arancine with its tasty array of dairy delicacies such as gorgonzola, cream of milk, grana, piacentino ennese, to the salmon arancine, from the Misto Grill, with its festival of grilled vegetables to the Ventricina with its spicy flavor, to the Pasqualora with its seasoning based on the typical Pasqualora sausage of Erice and fresh caciotta cheese from Montelepre. But it doesn’t end there. To best celebrate this day, two tasty novelties will be available: the arancine with pumpkin cream and Nebrodi pork, and the one with buffalo mozzarella, cavolicelli, and sun-dried tomatoes. So, let the arancine party begin! From Sfrigola, of course.

Da Sfrigola un’esperienza gastronomica – Giornale di Sicilia

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