Six-hour delay causes inconvenience and protests for passengers on Trapani-Rome flight

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Six hours of delay yesterday for a Ryanair flight that was supposed to fly from Trapani Birgi airport to Rome Fiumicino. The departure of flight FR8916 was scheduled for 12:50 pm but due to an inconvenience, it took off a few minutes past 7 pm. According to recent information, the airplane was stuck on the runway due to a technical problem with the aircraft that was supposed to take the passengers to the Roman airport. At the root of it all, there was a technical issue with the braking system. Furious passengers protested against the Ryanair desk, trying to contact the company multiple times through email until the situation was resolved.

Sei ore di ritardo per un volo, disagi e proteste per i passeggeri di un volo Trapani-Roma

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