Sicindustria Palermo warns that Zes projects are at risk, hindering investment.

The president of Sicindustria Palermo, Giuseppe Russello, expresses disappointment at the lack of progress on Special Economic Zones (Zes) in Sicily. Despite initial enthusiasm and promises of action, delays and setbacks have hindered necessary infrastructure projects in industrial areas. Russello urges for action to be taken promptly to attract investments and improve services for local businesses. He criticizes the political disputes and calls for the government to revoke previous decisions and appoint a new entity to manage the projects. Russello warns that further delays and bureaucratic complications could drive away potential investors, causing irreparable harm to the region’s economy.

Progetti Zes fermi o a rischio, Sicindustria Palermo: così si disincentivano le imprese a investire nel nostro territorio

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