Sicily’s last sunny days, rain and cold next week

The weather in southern Italy will change in the coming days, as a period of above-average temperatures and good weather comes to an end. The weekend will be mostly sunny in Campania, Calabria, and Sicily, but a new disturbance is expected to bring rain at the beginning of next week, especially in Campania and high Calabria. The temperature will also drop by a few degrees, with the arrival of heavier clothing for those who enjoy the cold. On Wednesday, the arrival of more humid air will bring evening deterioration, with cloudy or overcast skies and light rain expected along the Tyrrhenian coast, and scattered clouds and showers in the Ionian coast. On Thursday, bad weather is expected throughout the region.

Ultimi giorni di bel tempo in Sicilia, dalla prossima settimana torna la pioggia e arriva il freddo

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