Sicily’s balances post-European elections: Impact on Schifani government and reshuffle

Forza Italia wins the internal challenge within the Sicilian center-right with Fratelli d’Italia and launches itself as a pole for moderates ahead of the 2027 Regional elections. The victory of Forza Italia confirms the leadership of Renato Schifani, who must however share success with centrist allies. The sum of the three center-right parties brings the majority that governs the Region above 50%. The Democratic Party, the 5-Star Movement, the Alliance of Green, Left and Freedom have instead settled at 42%, but their ability to aggregate all these souls into a single coalition is still to be verified. In Sicily, the 5-Star Movement is the first force of the coalition with 16.1%, a result that puts them well above the national average and in line with the previous Regional elections.

Gli equilibri in Sicilia dopo le Europee: le ricadute sul governo Schifani e sul rimpasto

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