Sicily wildfires: Region fails to mediate, class action begins

The article explains that the legal action lawsuit collective aimed at preventing wildfires, promoted by the Isola Fenice association against the Sicilian Region, has now moved to the judicial pathway after a failed mediation session. The association states that the Region, as well as other relevant departments, did not attend the mediation or provide any communication regarding their absence. The association’s lawyers express disappointment in the government’s lack of commitment to address the ongoing issue of wildfires in Sicily. The president of Isola Fenice highlights the damages caused by wildfires in the past year and criticizes the lack of preventative measures taken by the authorities. The article emphasizes the urgent need for action to protect the Sicilian territory from further environmental, social, and economic devastation caused by wildfires.

Incendi in Sicilia, la Regione non si presenta al tentativo di mediazione: parte la class action

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