Sicily on yellow alert Sunday, but good weather returns next week

The regional civil protection agency has issued a weather and hydrogeological risk alert, valid until 24:00 tomorrow, Sunday, November 12th. For Sunday, most of Sicily, including Palermo, is expected to be under a yellow alert. According to 3bmeteo’s forecasts, the depression responsible for morning instability is moving away, leading to some improvement but still with lots of clouds. On the Tyrrhenian coast, there will be cloudy skies with morning rain and showers, with some thunderstorms, clearing up in the evening. On the Ionian coast, there will be scattered clouds with some clear spells throughout the day, clearing up in the evening. On the southern coast, there will be very cloudy skies in the morning with light rain, gradually clearing throughout the day. The sea around Sicily will be rough to very rough. With the start of the new week, a general improvement in the weather is expected, thanks to a temporary high-pressure system, ensuring mostly stable weather until Thursday, November 16th.

Domenica allerta gialla in Sicilia ma la prossima settimana tornerĂ  il bel tempo

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