Sicilian water-saving campaign reaches 15,000 students, teachers, and citizens.

The importance and value of water resources, as well as the education of citizens towards a more conscious and responsible use, are highlighted in the #Risparmialacqua campaign promoted by the Sicilian Regional Government. The campaign has been successful in reaching about 15,000 participants, including students, teachers, citizens, and tourists, across the nine main cities in Sicily. A final conference will take place in Catania to review the project and thank the main protagonists, including the young students and schools. The campaign, funded by the Regional Department of Water and Waste, aims to promote simple changes in daily behavior to conserve water. An educational mobile app and tutorial have also been developed as part of the project, along with social media content and informative materials available on the website

Risparmialacqua, la campagna della Regione ha raggiunto 15 mila siciliani tra studenti, docenti e cittadini

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