Sicilian farmers to receive region’s vouchers promptly in response to drought.

The article explains that vouchers will be provided to Sicilian breeders in a short amount of time for the purchase of animal feed to combat the effects of drought. This measure, supported by the President of the Sicilian Region Renato Schifani, includes an allocation of 10 million euros and has received approval from the third Commission on Productive Activities of the Sicilian Regional Assembly. The next step will allow the regional Agriculture department to finalize the procedure and publish the notice for breeders to submit their applications.

Coldiretti, an organization representing farmers, emphasizes the need to quickly conclude the process to establish a list of suppliers of feed for breeders in accordance with regional law. The approval from Governor Schifani for their requests is appreciated. They stress the importance of promptly completing the process as the situation worsens every day.

Siccità, dalla Regione voucher per gli allevatori siciliani: consegna in tempi brevi

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