Sicilian entrepreneur seizes assets for exploiting immigrant labor

The assets of an established transportation entrepreneur, valued at approximately 12 million euros, have been seized by the Anti-Crime Division of the Piacenza Police Headquarters, with the support of the Central Anti-Crime Service. This includes 14 companies, properties, vehicles, and various financial relationships. The operation, conducted in multiple provinces, was part of the fight against illegal immigration and labor exploitation. The seizure was ordered by the Bologna Court under anti-mafia legislation, as the entrepreneur had previously been convicted of facilitating and exploiting prostitution and was wanted for further charges related to illegal immigration, labor exploitation, and crimes against public faith. The investigation also revealed a system for facilitating the illegal entry and exploitation of foreign citizens in Italy.

Sfruttava il lavoro degli immigrati, sequestrati beni per 12 milioni a un imprenditore siciliano

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