Sicilian Corecom updates guide on equal opportunities and institutional communication for elections

The article explains that tighter controls are being implemented to ensure compliance with regulations while maintaining the pluralism of information in view of the elections on 8 and 9 June 2024, which will renew the European Parliament and mayors and city councils of 37 Sicilian municipalities. The Corecom Sicilia is monitoring compliance with equal treatment and the ban on institutional communication, which also extends to the social profiles of administrations involved in the election. A updated guide is available for local radio and television stations, summarizing the regulations on equal treatment. The core of the law is the ban on institutional communication by public administrations from the date of the election call until the end of the vote, except for essential communications for effective performance of their functions. The Corecom Sicilia aims to provide guidance on navigating the obligations and opportunities in the relation between the public and local media during the sensitive period of elections. The president of the Corecom Sicilia, Andrea Peria Giaconia, emphasizes the need for updating the communication laws and ensuring clear principles for compliance.

Elezioni, aggiornato dal Corecom Sicilia il vademecum su par condicio e comunicazione istituzionale

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