Sicilian boy injured by electric bike in Turin now on trial for money laundering


The article discusses how one of the three minors involved in the case of Mauro Glorioso, a university student from Palermo who was seriously injured by the throwing of an electric bike at the Murazzi in January 2023, has been indicted for money laundering in Turin. The minor, a seventeen-year-old, had already been sentenced by the Court of Appeal, along with two friends, for attempted murder. The new accusation refers to an episode on September 5, 2022, when the teenager was allegedly seen tampering with a stolen scooter. The trial will begin on May 14. Another proceeding against him is open for misconduct in prison after the arrest for the Glorioso case, with charges including resistance and insult to a public official.

Il ragazzo palermitano ferito dalla bici elettrica a Torino, uno dei minorenni condannati ora va a processo per riciclaggio

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