Shooting continues for Roberto Andò’s film “L’Abbaglio”, extras needed in Agrigento province

Casting in the province of Agrigento for the film “L’Abbaglio” by the Palermo director Roberto Andò, following the success of “La stranezza”. The cast, including Tony Servillo, Ficarra, and Picone, is now moving to Caltabellotta after shooting scenes in the province of Trapani and Palermo. The film tells the story of the expedition of the Thousand in Sicily in the second half of the nineteenth century.

To participate in the casting, the production is looking for extras from the province of Agrigento. Interested individuals can apply by sending an email to [email protected] with personal details, a close-up photograph, a full-body photograph on a neutral background, without glasses or accessories. The photos must not be edited, and applications with different photos will not be considered. The email must include name, surname, age, pants size, jacket size, height, shoe size, city of residence, and phone number.

Filming will take place between May 26th and June 15th.

«L’Abbaglio», continuano le riprese del film di Robertò Andò: si cercano comparse in provincia di Agrigento

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