Shock and disbelief in Favara: 21-year-old girl dies, organs donated

Community in mourning in Favara for the death of a twenty-one-year-old girl, who passed away in the hospital after being admitted following a sudden illness. Lucia Bellavia is said to have been struck by an aneurysm: she was taken to the emergency room in critical condition, but after a few hours her condition deteriorated and doctors began the procedure to determine brain death. Once the process was initiated, the family consented to organ donation, a gesture of great solidarity and altruism that will now save the lives of other people.

Many prayed for the girl until the end, but when hope faded, the news plunged the entire country into deep sorrow. In these hours, there are many messages dedicated to the young girl on social media, including from the mayor, who shares his condolences: “Once again Favara must bid farewell to a young life – writes Antonio Palumbo -. One cannot die at only twenty-one years old. We stand by the Bellavia family in this moment of immense and incomprehensible grief.”

A friend writes: “Sweet Lucia, I never thought I would have to say goodbye to you so soon. You had so many plans, so many dreams, but fate was cruel. I will never forget you.” And another says: “What an injustice. So young, so full of life – writes Marianna -. These are very sad days for Favara, but know, dear Lucia, that you will always remain in our hearts. Watch over your family from up there, we will do everything we can to be close to your parents.”

Choc e incredulità a Favara: muore una ragazza di 21 anni, donati gli organi

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