Series of accidents in Palermo: collision between two cars on Lincoln Street, another in the industrial area of Brancaccio.

Explanation of the article:

In the early afternoon of today, April 2, a road accident occurred on Lincoln Street in Palermo. Two cars, a Fiat Punto and a Peugeot, were involved in the collision, and one person was slightly injured. While waiting for the arrival of emergency services, there were heavy traffic delays and traffic flow was disrupted both towards the central station and towards the Foro Italico.

Paramedics from the 118 emergency service arrived on the scene and transported the injured person to the emergency room, while officers from the Municipal Police’s Accident Investigation Unit arrived to conduct investigations and reconstruct the dynamics of the impact.

Shortly before, another crash occurred on Enrico Mattei Street in the industrial area of Brancaccio. Two cars collided near a Telecom fiber cabin, which was hit and damaged by one of the vehicles. The two drivers, a woman and a man, sustained injuries and also had to be taken to the hospital. Investigations are being carried out by the Accident Investigation Unit.

A string of accidents in the last few hours in Palermo.

Scia di incidenti a Palermo: scontro tra due auto in via Lincoln, un altro nella zona industriale di Brancaccio

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