Segesta: Sunday of Dance and Music with Ierofanie

Tomorrow, October 22nd, the Ierofanie Festival – The Soul of Sicily, the sacred places, will take place at the Archaeological Park of Segesta. The festival, promoted by the Region (Department of Cultural Heritage) with the support of the Municipality of Calatafimi-Segesta, is produced and organized by Francesco Panasci, with artistic direction by Claudio Collovà and cultural meetings coordination by Fulvia Toscano. The performances are free, but limited to the number of seats available. There will also be free workshops, but spots are limited. The day begins with an experiential seminar on Authentic Movement, led by Alessandra Luberti with the sounds of the Handpan performed by Matilde Fiore. The seminar explores the unconscious and dives deep into the divine root of our being through movement. In the evening, the Naïssam Jalal Trio will perform “Quest of Invisible” at the Temple of Segesta. Naïssam Jalal, a Syrian-born flutist and composer based in Paris, leads the audience on a journey to search for the invisible with a repertoire that blends mystical, non-Western and traditional music with modal jazz.

Segesta, domenica all’insegna della danza e della musica con Ierofanie

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